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In 1990, a handful of former crew members gathered in Charleston, South Carolina for a reunion. They were nearly blown away by hurricane Hugo.

Their eagerness and determination were not drowned out though, and they persisted through the years, holding reunions mostly up and down the east coast, slowly growing from the original handful to form the USS MANLEY (DD-940) Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the crew of this great combatant. Today, the organization maintains a data base of men who called MANLEY their home at sea.

The objective is to reinvigorate the pride all of us possessed in our service years and experience once again, even if for a little while, that camaraderie all of us cherished so dearly but is so evasive in civilian life, and to put former shipmates in touch with each other. The Association publishes a newsletter, conducts reunions, is on Facebook - USS Manley DD 940 - and maintains this web site. A ship’s roster is available at the Roster Page.

Manley reunions have been elevated several levels above the hospitality room bull sessions. We wanted to create a bridge between the years of service, bond together all of those who served during the twenty-six years of the ship’s life, and we wanted to cause the ladies to become an integral part of our celebration. All of the Manley’s reunions include professionally organized tours of local points of interest, a memorial service to remember our fallen shipmates, a welcome aboard breakfast to recognize all attendees, a dinner banquet, and a farewell breakfast so that we can say so-long ‘til the next time. Of course, we open the hospitality room for the sea stories and much more. There are pictures a’plenty, hugs and kisses, , tears and smiles, and mostly exaggerated tales of the sea. We continue to listen to our people and continue to evolve to the better.

Obviously, the USS Manley (DD-940) Association is not without its operating overhead. None of our success can be realized without the continued support of our members. We need every hand to lift us higher. The annual association dues are $20.00. The funds underwrite our administrative needs. The newsletters – paper, ink, envelopes, postage, etc. – and this web site, are expenses necessary, we believe, to our existence. Not one individual is compensated for his time, labor, or effort. We are all dedicated volunteers who believe in our purpose. We want and need you to join us. Most of all, we want you to register and there is no cost to you to do that. You may have your best shipmate in the Association looking for you. Thank you.

USS Manley (DD-940) Association

Membership Dues - 1 year - $25.00

PayPal (Donate) is on the Information Page

Association dues can also be mailed to

USS Manley (DD-940) Association

Harold Kane

480B Newport Way

Monroe Township, NJ 08831

Please make your check or money order payable to USS Manley (DD-940)

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